What is Khaddo?

Khaddo is a web application designed with a specific purpose, for you to find whatever restaurant you want, based on your preferences, anywhere in the world. Using our filter system, restaurants can categorize themselves into certain sections. This allows you to search for the options you desire. You can search for restaurants near you using your location, or anywhere else in the world. .

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a simple service for people to find restaurants based on their preferences, or special needs. We will try to reach out to every single restaurant in every country, and get them listed on our website. We want to provide a platform for people to use, where they can find the restaurants they want. The goal is to ease the access to all the restaurants that exist.

For example, when you are about to travel, one option when you’re looking for a hotel is to have some sort of acommodation for food nearby. That is where we believe Khaddo will come in hand. Or what if you just want to explore some new restaurants in your city, but you don’t know how to find them. The more restaurants that sign up on Khaddo, the better our services will become. With your help, you can invite restaurants to Khaddo, and we can make sure they get listed, and thus more restaurants will be availabe to everybody.

Why should I use Khaddo?

Khaddo is a free, quick, simple and rewarding solution to find a restaurant using a filter, where you can find restaurants based on your choices.

Khaddo provides you a simple solution to find restaurants. Not only that, we reward you for helping us, and the restaurants. We reward you for writing a review after a meal. We reward you for inviting other people to restaurants and Khaddo. We also reward you for inviting restaurants to Khaddo.

What are Khoins?

Khoins, also knows as Khaddo coins, is a reward system we want to give the users for eating at a restaurant and writing a review, inviting others, and helping us grow.

With the Khaddo coins, our goal is to provide you discounts, various offers, maybe even a free meal. We want it to be rewarding for you to use Khaddo. If you are happy, we have provided the product and service we intended to.